Lehe Limited handles airfreight business.

We have good relations with the air carriers. As a result, we get guarantee from the carriers on specific space allocation, transit time commitments and uplift preferences. Our professional staffs have the knowledge, connections and are always prepared to get your freight to the destinations on time.

Air Freight Service

Lehe Group’s air freight service mainly run the import and export air freight business in the international airport in Xiamen,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Shanghai, and so on. Also specialized in open own routes to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, the Middle East.

Business Scope

We are the fist agent of CA、CZ、AK、CX、TG、QF、UPS、EK、LH and have very good relationship with KQ、GF、MH、GA、OX、SQ、ET、TK、PK、SV、OZ, etc.We can offer booking, picking, commodity inspection, customs declaration, loading the board, and professional service from flight take off to arrive the destination port.. Also supply all-around service for the destination customs clearance and delivery.

Our air freight department have a development history for almost 15 years, and have a very professional international air freight operation team, with stong company strength, the advantages for air freight is very obviously.

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